Gates of Olympus how to win

The Gates of Olympus slot offers players an excellent chance of winning, as it returns 96.5% of the money wagered. Although successful spins are rare, players can still win an impressive prize per successful round, thanks to the algorithms set by the manufacturer. The casino cannot change these settings. The reliability of the slot and the high chance of large multipliers have made the game very popular. Let’s take a look at what betting strategies are suitable for this slot.

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The basics of the game Gates of Olympus

Players often wonder how to win at Gates of Olympus with the best possible odds. However, the first thing to do is to understand the specifics of the game. In order to develop a betting strategy, the technical parameters of the slot need to be taken into account. Gates of Olympus has two main indicators:
  • Return Percentage Rate (RTP), which shows how much money will be paid out in winnings. The RTP for this slot is 96.5%, which means that the machine gives most of the loaded money to players in the form of winnings. However, some players may get less than they wagered, while others may get more. Overall, however, the slot pays out a set amount. An RTP of 96.5% is a high figure, which provides good odds of winning in the game.
  • Volatility, which describes how often winnings fall out and how big they are. Gates of Olympus has a high volatility. The slot pays out prizes infrequently, but offers large multipliers.
When developing a strategy for playing Gates of Olympus, these parameters should be taken into account. Otherwise, the player may spend his money without any winnings.
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Gates of Olympus game plan

There are a few simple steps you need to follow to make a profit in the slot. Here is the algorithm for doing so:
  1. Register on the casino website, where this slot is available.
  2. Replenish your balance.
  3. Start the game.
  4. Set the bet size through the “Plus” and “Minus” buttons. They are located at the bottom of the interface. After setting the rate window can be closed.
  5. Press the big round button on the slot interface to start spinning the reels. The win will be awarded if the playing field appears to be 8 or more of the same symbol.
The game scheme in Gates of Olympus is as simple as possible: the slot has no win lines, so there is no need to adjust the number of prize charts. To reduce the risk of losing money, you need to calculate your bet correctly. The following rules are recommended:
  • The minimum bet should not exceed 3-5% of the size of the pot.
  • You should not risk the entire bank in one game.
Although Gates of Olympus slot can pay out big winnings, this rarely happens. It is therefore advisable not to risk a substantial portion of the pot to avoid losing quickly.

Playing strategy the Gates of Olympus

The slot has a good return ratio and high volatility. These factors should be used to form winning tactics.


For the Gates of Olympus slot, this type of strategy is considered the simplest. The player needs to:

  1. Start the slot.
  2. Place the minimum bet.
  3. Wait for a series of five or six losses in a row.
  4. Increase the size of the stake by a factor of 3-4.
  5. Keep playing to win.
  6. Return to the minimum bet after winning.

You then have to alternate cycles. The tactic is based on the machine's operating system. The slot pays out winnings rarely. However, large multipliers often fall out here. Therefore it is profitable to play with small amounts at first, and before winning drastically increase the volume of investment.

Based on statistics

This tactic is similar to the above option. However, it is slightly more accurate. The player needs to:

  1. Start the slot and bet the minimum amount per round.
  2. Conduct 80-90 rounds in a row.
  3. Record the results of each game.
  4. Calculate the frequency of occurrence of successful scrolls.
  5. Increase the cost of the round before each successful scroll.

The above strategy for playing Gates of Olympus will produce the best results. It takes into account the current slot parameters.

Bet and Run

The slot gives out prizes infrequently, but there are good spins from the first bet. You can use this feature of the machine for a "Bet and Run" strategy. You need to:

  1. Start the game and set your maximum bet size.
  2. Play 1-2 rounds.
  3. If you lose, move to the next slot.

This tactic is dangerous, so it should be chosen by players with a large pot. It's best not to use this technique for regular users.

Tips for winning at Gates of Olympus

It doesn’t take long to figure out how to win at Gates of Olympus. It’s a simple slot, so even beginners won’t have any difficulty. However, following some tips will allow you to reduce the risks.

Testing your tactics on a demo. Above we’ve named 3 optimal tactics to play with. You can also develop your own strategies if you wish. Each option should be additionally tested in the demo version of the slot. It allows you to play for free, so there will be no real risks in principle.

The demo has the same RTP and volatility. Therefore, the game scheme in Gates of Olympus will be identical for the main and trial versions of the machine.

Use casino bonuses. Many casinos offer a welcome bonus and run a host of other promotions. We advise you to participate in all promos. You will get more money, you will be able to increase the number of bets. As the number of rounds increases, so do your chances of winning.

No chaotic betting. For Gates of Olympus slot strategy will only work if the condition of constancy. Chaotic bets are best forgotten. Haphazard play is a direct route to loss.

Use the bonus round. The slot offers a bonus game. On a roll of 4 or more images of Zeus, the machine gives 15 free scrolls. This increases the chances of success. There is no freespin purchase feature here. However, players can increase the probability of falling out the right symbols by 2 times. In this case, the bet will increase by 25%.

There are no 100% tactics. A perfect game scheme in Gates of Olympus is utopia. There are no such tactics. Much depends on the luck of the user. With a string of losses, it is best to simply close the slot and return to the game the next day.


The tactics listed above will increase your chances of success. However, there are no guaranteed schemes. You can find a lot of offers on the internet that sell reliable betting strategies. It’s a scam! You should also not use software that increases slot payoffs. With such software, a player can install malware.

Strategy game Gates of Olympus

Strategy game Gates of Olympus

Gates of Olympus game plan

Gates of Olympus game plan

Gates of Olympus how to win

Gates of Olympus how to win

Gates of Olympus strategy

Gates of Olympus strategy


There is no perfect tactic. Any of these strategies can produce good results. Success in the slots often depends on the player’s luck.

Of course, Gates of Olympus is consistently ranked in the top 100 games in various casinos. The slot is popular among players precisely because of its high payout.

In the bonus round, you get 15 spins for free. This greatly increases your chances of winning.

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